Sunday, June 08, 2008

We Have Moved To A New Home!

I've decided to move this blog to a new blog I started here:

New postings and updates will be posted to our new:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm So Sick of This "Green" Crap!

This morning's Yahoo page had this as their front page:

Enough, already with all this stupid "Green" crap!

Now, let's just get this whole "Global Warming" religion/scam in order, shall we?

First of all this whole "Global Warming" thing is created by the sun! The sun is very, very hot! It has been warming up the other planets in our solar system, as well. This warming is not only going on, on our planet Earth, but has also been going on, on all the other planets in our solar system.

Let Al Gore try to explain that one!

Are we causing the warming of the planets Mars and Jupiter, as well? Of course not!

That is just what the sun does and has been doing for billions and billions of years.

This is nothing new. Man has nothing to do with this and man cannot fix this, unless he can control the sun.

This whole "global warming" and "green" scam has been started by the environmental wackos and is now being used and taken over by the people who want to bring about their One World Government.

Their latest scam?

They are now trying to create more taxes via their carbon tax.

Remember that plants need carbon. Our planet needs carbon.

They are now telling you that AMERICA is the problem and because we are the problem, we should pay them money for it.

What the hell?!!!! Are we so easily fooled by this?! Are we going to let them steal from us like this?!

I certainly am not!

Down with the Green Bastards and down with this whole "global warming" scam! I don't fall for it and I will never trust those One World Order bastards as far as I can throw them!

These people want power and money and they know that this is the perfect scam to get it. See how easily they fooled people already.

See how easily Yahoo has been bought? Yahoo knows exactly what they are doing?

Do you want to live under the rule of the "Global Warming" Police State?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

ijeannie TV Station Blog Has a New Home!

ijeannie TV (a.k.a. the TikiCam TV Station)

After much thought, I've decided to create a seperate blog for my TV station.

Check out the new ijeannie TV Station Blog now!

Check out the latest news, new shows, updates and more! Our TV Station now has its own Blog.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Seasonal Channel on the TikiCam TV Station!

I'm sure you've noticed that this is also the home of the TikiCam TV Station's official blog. Originally I was thinking of giving the TikiCam TV Station its own blog, but then I thought, "One more blog to maintain? Oh, no!" So, I've decided to merge it with the Live Streaming Cams' blog.

The New Seasonal Channel
I'd like to take this time to introduce the new "Seasonal Channel" on the TikiCam TV Station. This channel contains this season's themes of great videos, slideshows, cartoons, cooking shows, and more!

This Channel will surely get you into the holiday or seasonal spirit!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

80's Greatest Hits! - Now On The TikiCam TV Station

Best Hits of the 80's
Remember the old days when MTV actually played decent music videos and hardly any commercials? Remember the "Age of Decedence"? How could we forget the long hair, the music video rage, and old Van Halen?!

Well, just re-live it once again, with our Best Hits of the 80's Channel! Sit back and enjoy these creative videos of the past and try to remember what you where doing when these videos came out.

We currently have a total of 96 music videos in our 80's channel and many more are added all the time.

We'd love to know if there is an 80's music video you would like us to add to the collection. We'll let you know if it is already in our current collection or not.

Feel free to leave your comments and your own 80's video requests.

Thank you!

TikiCam TV Station

I've been working on a new project: an internet TV station.

There isn't much information on-line regarding the "How To's" on creating your own internet TV station. There is plenty of information on how to create your own radio station, however.

Well, the concept is about the same as running your own live streaming cam by using Windows Media Encoder. However, instead of running a live cam, you run movies or videos, or your live cam for live shows.

My current TV station is called the TikiCam TV Station. It currently plays "Best Hits of the 80's" music videos.

I currently have 95 80's videos playing, 24/7.

Check out my Internet TV Station below and let me know what you think: